JSC „Torgita“
Code: 110789876
VAT: LT107898716
Adress: Valstiečių g. 35, LT-32135 Zarasai ,
Phone: +370 614 84979
Fax: +370 385 36831
E-Mail: torgita@torgita.lt
Skype: torgita

Acceptance of scrap tires:
Phone: +370 698 37243
E-Mail: padangos@torgita.lt

Phone: +370 614 84979
E-Mail: sales@torgita.lt


“Torgita“ Ltd. – a company registered in 1997 years, 3 November.

Since it‘s inception, the company operated Lithuanian wood and furniture industry. However, this activity is not sufficiently promising, and that why as promising area of further business of companys specialists have chosen to use the tire recycling business. Car tires are one of the major industrial rubber products. So it is appropriate for processing used tires, rubber and metal separation, which can subsequently be successfully used in the manufacture of other products. Recycling of used tires as environmental issues are very important. That why, this problem can be successfully dealt with the organization of the tire recycling, which is obtained by a secondary raw material for other products.


We use a completely new technology, based on research and has not yet been introduced in other plants. Equipment is a unique ultrasonic cutting technology.
Tire-shredding time received much valuable material which is used to separate, as with other secondary materials.
Modern technology provides the company:
•      high quality products conforming to global standards;
•      ompetitively priced;
•      environmental requirements have been met;
•      job security, a clean and healthy environment protection.

“Torgita“ Ltd. has the right to issue certificates of relief from the importers of pollution taxes and the waste management companies in the registry.

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